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Workshop Storage Cabinet timber

Date:2016/9/18 click:2627times

"Workshop Storage Cabinet" timber: a high-quality electrolytic steel (cold-rolled sheet surface by electrolytic anti-rust treatment), the thickness of metal craft comply with JIS G3313 SECC standards. Surface treatment: pickling, table transfer, phosphate, washed, high temperature curing, high temperature electrostatic spraying dusting environmental protection to meet international standard BS6497. Roof optional material box for storing items, lined with anti-oil rubber pad to protect the Roof and placed articles; unscrew the lock linkage means, once locked, all locked drawer that is safe and reliable; handle on the label attached to the replacement of transparent and identification papers, the contents stored in drawers at a glance; each drawer has a safety lock to prevent accidental drawer slide; inset handle design, drawer handles and cabinet outer edge is flush, not exposed outside the box, crash, safety, aesthetics; cabinet with special surface treatment (acid phosphate, electrostatic powder coating), corrosion resistance, suitable for all types of work environments.